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Seine-et-Marne: sentenced to 7 years in prison for harassing his ex-wife to the point of suicide.

In Marseille, a man sentenced for having pushed his ex-partner to suicide

The black figure of forced suicides

He took away his strength to live the forgotten fight of the families of victims of forced suicide

“It had reached a point where I could no longer live”: forced suicide, an extreme form of domestic violence

Colloquium on forced suicide, a consequence of control in the context of domestic violence:

On June 21, 2022, we organized a symposium dedicated to the notion of forced suicide. Among the consequences of conjugal violence and the psychological influence that operates there, it is the ultimate act of the victim to free herself from it. In Brussels, we were able to hear in this conference the speakers Claire Stappaerts, Aude Poncette, Yaël Mellul, Josiance Coruzzi, Anita Biondo, Nadia Laouar and Donatienne Portugaels, dealing with the subject of domestic violence. You will find on this the presentations, a summary of the various interventions, as well as the videos of this afternoon.

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